Healing and Rejuvenation of your DNA Biofield

Quantum Biofield Therapy is also called Quantum Healing or Biofield Healing. The therapy consists of raising the vibrational frequency and optimizing the Biofield’s Subtle Energy module to improve its functionality and efficiency. It helps restore and preserve the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies’ health. Quantum Biofield Therapy is particularly effective with any stress-related conditions like anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorder, etc.
BioField Healing effects positive change in people’s health and wellbeing by bringing a deeper level of coherency and communication to cells, tissues, organs, and physical systems.


Naturopathy is based on the belief that the body has a natural ability to heal itself,
given the right conditions.


DNA activation brings healing to the DNA, removes blockages that hinder the correct functioning of our DNA on all levels and layers.

Akashic Records

By accessing our Akashic Records (Library of the Soul) we can clear the energy of past life decisions that are holding us from living this life to the fullest.

biofield Clearing

Using ancient Egyptian tools based on sacred geometry, we help identify and repair corrupted energy flows within you.

Align with the Universe

“Our hearts resonate at the same frequency as the earth and the universe. Therefore, we are all valuable instruments in the orchestration of the world and
its’ harmony.”

Suzy Kassem





Irina is a Montreal-based homeopathic and naturopathic practitioner who was influenced by the rhythms of a holistic lifestyle from an early age. She is extremely passionate about health and maximizing the human body’s remarkable potential for self-healing from the inside out. Irina possesses degrees in homeopathy and naturopathy from various world-class institutions.  For the past 10 years, Irina has had a very successful practice in Montreal, specializing in naturopathic therapies for intestinal and digestive disorders. As she continued to expand her knowledge and understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection, Irina realized that total, positive change can only come from healing your soul from past traumas, ancestral negative patterns, and unresolved issues from past lives.

  • Irina is a registered Naturopath N.D
  • Member of ANPQ 
  • Certified Homeopath D.HOM
  • Certified Biofield Clearing Advanced practitioner
  • Certified THETA healing practitioner
  • Certified as Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner
  • Certified as Kundalini Reiki Practitioner

If you are looking for an excellent naturopath, look no further. Irina is very knowledgeable, caring and most importantly, she has a great energy. I’m very thankful to have attracted her!!!

E.B.  Montreal, Quebec

This was an experience like nothing I’ve experienced before. It’s hard to describe the material aspects, but I’ll do my best describing my inner sensations. At first glance,I didn’t know what to expect or how to judge the experience, but my determination to make a change in the status quo in my life just made me flow through and accept anything and everything coming my way. During the session, it’s like I was living in a glass house, where no secret stays hidden, no truth remains unrevealed, it was like an MRI for the higher self…everything made sense, everything felt true. Question after question, moment after moment, everything that was hidden became revealed and that what was revealed became undone. And with it, the sweet liberation, the release, the lightness. The sensation of letting go of a chain attached to the chest of dead weight…the need for dragging it just disappearing…

A.K. Miami, Florida

Irina is a true healer and life changer. I had an awful embarrassing health problem that was ruining my life and the only news I was getting is that I’d need an invasive surgery and go through a two month high maintenance recovery. I was so horrified I was bawling the day I came in. Irina asked every important questions about my health history, taking my entire lifestyle until that point into account. Irina thoroughly educates you on how every ingredient in what she recommends will do for you, allowing you to make your own judgement in future circumstances. This is pure care, real healing. A serious and important life changer. I am nearly completely healed, and almost every other problem I’ve had has vanished as well. Come here to seriously commit to your health.

– V.R. Montreal, Quebec

Practitioners like Irina are few and far between. She doesn’t shy away from hard truths that many may not be used to hearing, but need to be told. Irina is incredibly kind and passionate about her work, as well as unbelievably intuitive. She devotes considerable time and energy researching the best solutions for her clients, and it shows in the results. She is an absolute gem, as an individual and as a practitioner. If you have the opportunity to see her, take it!

– K.C. Montreal, Quebec 

This place is godsend. I have had struggles with my digestion for years and nothing has helped except this wonderful lady who is so good at what she does. She knows her stuff! She will put you on the path to having a regular digestion again. Would recommend 1000% percent

– C.S. Montreal, Quebec

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