Bio-field Clearance

The human biofield is the energetic blueprint or matrix that creates the human form. The BioField is a colorful, multilayered oval energy field that is often referred to as an aura. All living things are surrounded by an aura: oval-shaped, colored bands of sounds, lights, and vibrations.

We are multidimensional beings with numerous forms and levels of consciousness, we project our consciousness into a multitude of layers of existence and a range of vibrational frequencies. For most of us, conscious connection with this internal source of unlimited resources and vital force is blocked by fears, limiting beliefs, traumas, inherited and ancestral patterns, and past life traumas , karmic causes, and more. By clearing all psychological, emotional, and spiritual blocks we unblock our potential, clarity, find alignment with the inner self, express creativity, enhance the sense of self-empowerment.

When you suffer from pain, inflammation, anxiety, emotional distress, and disease, this is a clear indicator that your biofield has been interrupted. BioField practitioners use dowsing to identify the root cause of the issue rather than heal the symptoms. There are many forms and frequencies of vibrating energy that can be used to heal the ‘multidimensional’ human energy system and dowsing is one of them. BioField Clearing is a healing system that has been developed by Dr Jane Smolnik .

We use 18 charts and specific radiestesy methods to identify and clear these challenges or negative influences from our energy field, deep into our subconscious and unconscious mind, as well as our DNA. We use ancient Egyptian pendulums based on sacred geometry to create a magnetic vortex to clear these default patterns. We then infuse the energy field with loving, balancing, and healing energy of Divine Golden Light and empowering beliefs and what you need to master to create lasting healing in every way. It is a mighty, sacred healing work.

The Benefits Of Biofield Clearing

  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety*
  • Deeper, Restorative Sleep
  • A Release Of Blocked, Dormant CreativeTalents
  • Enhances Natural Healing Processes in Physical Body*
  • Increased Intuitive Abilities and ClairGifts*
  • Increased Ability To Regulate and Balance Emotional States
  • Feel Physically and Emotionally Lighter and More Energetic*
  • Increased Clarity and Awareness


> Initial online or telephone consultation: $99 CAD – Lasts about 2 hours (includes BioField clearing and infusing aura with healing energy of golden light)

> A 3 session package is available for $240

> A 15 minute free consultation session is available on request

  • A payment can be made by credit card, PayPal or e-transfer
  • All virtual sessions are payable in advance and are non-refundable.
  • Purchased sessions do not have an expiry date.
  • Please note that there is a charge for appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice as a courtesy to other clients waiting for appointments.
  • Reduced fees are available for students, seniors, and low-income citizens.
  • 10% of every income goes to an animal shelter.

Disclaimer: The client understands that these healing sessions or Spiritual techniques are not medical interventions or attempts to cure a physical or mental condition. No medical advice is given here. Any healing occurs from a spiritual point of view. The client understands that, if necessary, it is essential to seek advice from a doctor or psychologist.  The client also emphasizes that he/she asked for help of his / her own free will and desire. 


    Biofield Clearance

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